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Who am I?

We are HCCH Wellbeing and I am a Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist and have developed Programmes and Tools to assist our Clients. I teamed up with Avalon Clinic as an independent Coach and Consultant, specialising in supporting our clients’ mental health, self belief, and the impact it has on their physical self. Bringing the conscious and unconscious mind as well as mental well-being to the fore can help with physical ailments as well as to facilitate a journey of personal development and self-improvement.

I worked for many years in the public sector with victims of crime and trauma and it is this experience that motivated and compelled my decision to retrain in complimentary therapies.  

I am fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP master Coach, Timeline Therapist and have trained in CBT, Mindfulness and Havening.

Also, I teach Meditation and qualified in Indian Head Massage. 

In assisting people to move past their blockers, their phobias or addictions and emotional truama. Once this is identified then we develop new habits and behaviours finding key strengths,  positivity and gratitude to live by. Leaving behind the old limiting belifs; shedding the dead skin of negativity and no long being defined by the past!  Much too often I witnessed many clients, some  victims not having access to this type of support and unable to find their true worth and self belief, their inability to move past their experiences and find control and self belief again. Our clients are better able to move onto the lives they deserve with a sense of self worth and control again. 

I have grown a network of Clinical Hypnotherapists with whom I have worked and who have been trained in our tools, techniques and strategies. I am extremly passionate about what we do in this field and realise I am so very lucky in doing what I do. 

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Everywhere and local to you too. We have clients all over the world, as all treatments can and are being delivered virtually. Our physical treatment spaces are in Avalon Clinic, based in East Belfast and also an office in Bangor both suitable for face to face appointments (when we are allowed). Going forward, we will be offering both virtual online and face to face consultations, whichever is preferred. We can be your local and personal coach and clinical hypnotherapist wherever you are.

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Do you feel insecurity within your life or with yourself?

Do you keep repeating the same behaviours that are negative, futile or that block any growth?

Do you need help recognising the qualities you possess and the true potential within because of limiting beliefs?

Are you living with stress, phobia or addiction?

Are you dealing with anxiety or trauma, even from an early age, that is pulling you back?

Are you looking for a change through personal development and getting rid of negative thinking?

Many clients have had these types of issues which have been holding them back continually. With effective analysis of the issues within a consultation process and with coaching using clinical hypnotherapy and other complimentary therapies, success is within your grasp. Working together we can eliminate the negative emotions, associations, and issues. You can emerge with a confident and clear mindset to achieving your goals and your success.

Some examples of our clients’ issues that we can achieve success with are:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Limiting beliefs i.e. can’t do – interviews, public speaking, manage a team;

  • Lack of motivation ie negative thinking, low self-esteem, negative body image;

  • Self-sabotage – lacking confidence to push forward – bad habits.

  • Health issues – chronic illness and pain management.

  • Panic attacks and phobias.

  • Post-Traumatic stress, PTSD.

  • Addictions – Weight loss, smoking/vaping, drugs, gambling.

  • Menopause – insecurity, physical problems and emotional lack of control, help with weight loss and confidence associated.

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We will work in partnership with you to use several recognised techniques such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Timeline Therapy, CBT, havening and mindfulness and other therapies.

As part of the change process, supportive audio recording are supplied for clients to listen and fully integrate the positive suggestions on a daily basis. This will help create good habits and routines, empowering  you towards your goals.

We combine all of these therapeutic approaches to help you understand your journey to discover the underlying problems.  We can work together using the techniques described towards eliminating them.

We believe in looking at the root of your issues i.e. why do you feel the way you do and why do you do the things you do? Once we both understand this and can identify the source of your issues, we can work together to get rid of the anxieties, phobias, stress, problems and issues arising around it.

By ridding the mind of emotional pain, trauma, anxiety and the addictions that normally follow, you will feel simply better. You will find newfound freedom and security alongside feeling positive, healthier with a clear mental focus and purpose.

You will be free.

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The way we work is unique in this field. Combining coaching and hypnotherapy and utilising wellness techniques means we are completely bespoke. Or to put it another way, we can be completely focused and tailored to you.

A combination approach is much more effective than, for example, only having Clinical Hypnotherapy or Coaching alone. We, as human beings, are complicated, and HCCH believe one approach will never adequately address all the layers of conscious and subconscious minds.

HCCH provide an aftercare service with bi-monthly and quarterly reviews to stay on target and deal with any other obstacles that may come in your pathway.

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A Great Coach.

Mags is a great coach and hypnotherapist who has made a profound impact on my life in a very short time. She is very professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and down to earth. She has helped me gain focus and enthusiasm and I’m so very grateful to her for her help. She puts you at ease straight away and the techniques she uses are very powerful. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent in my life. I would highly recommend Mags to anyone looking to improve their life and invest in themselves. This kind of work can help so many people!

Jane (47)

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Initial Consultation session Cost – £40

Additional sessions in packages from:
- Smoking from - £200
- Substance Abuse from - £150
- Weight management from -£300 (6 wks)
- Gambling from - £200

All other additional sessions from £100 eg:

Transformation Programme

- ACT Attitude, Change & Transformation

- A programme  of 4 sessions to shift mindset to motivational of goal mindset.

- Cost £260

Online Group Weight management programme

– Sassy in 7 Online Programme

- Cost £300

Dealing with Menopause

- "Meno Me Programme"

- Cost £250

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(Belfast) Avalon Chiropractic 87 Loopland Dr, Belfast BT6 9DW
(Bangor) 4 Shandon Close


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