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A cycle of repeat repeat repeat

Within your mind this is acceptable in coping with another day or night’s deep set emotional thoughts which you label your issues and in this way driven to an addictive coping mechanism through the form of habit.

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A glass of wine

Waking up every single day with same set of problems or issues that you associate with!

Wanting to tackle these and find yourself giving up during the day and reaching for one thing that you call an old friend yet knowing it’s the enemy! But it still doesn’t stop you right??

Lacking in belief of your own abilities and afraid of reaching out for help!

Using the same excuses or statements –

  • I will give up after the weekend!

  • If I can just get through this week, then I will give up!

  • I will just have the one or two, and see how it goes!

  • I want and need this to make me feel better, to give me more confidence!

Do you hear yourself say this over and over and yet when it comes to it on the Day or Night before those low emotions emerge, same deep set worries of FEAR/PANIC/LOSS come creeping in –

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WILL POWER is within your CONSCIOUS Mind and as determined as you maybe, it is short-lived as the Issues that churn the Emotions trigger the intense need to feed your Addiction is in the DEEPER SUB CONSCIOUS Mind! Where a skilful resource to fight it is required instead!

Therefore, you soon realise it is the PROGRAMME in your mind that’s stopping you from giving up. The Protective Mind has persuaded or tricked you in Needing and Wanting to remain Addicted, that you NEED it to get through the day or night!

All of that INSTEAD of fighting back and saying NO MORE using this Process!

You get to fully understand the deeper emotional pulls within – these issues that are lurking under the many layers for your Addiction to continue will be tackled head on! Once broken free from the layers, Your mindset will change too and thus why Clinical Hypnotherapy is so effective, every single time!

But the hard job is on you! You MUST WANT TO GIVE UP!

If you are 100% committed to the Process then it will work. Trust the Process to get you through and you will WIN over your Addiction.

The good news too is that we can do this ON LINE!

We do need face to face contact, but it can be on your laptop and you comfortable at home. After completing the initial consultation with me, coaching with homework. Then the scheduled session for Clinical Hypnotherapy follows with positive therapy! You will follow with homework, a recording to use daily to associate the new habitual routine and confident emotions for the following 3 weeks and Review after then. 

Can you relate to this? Can you commit to a Happier new You without the ball and chain of Addiction, Frustration and Stress?

You are smart enough to realise Your in a destructive pattern, never ending! 

Stuck in the rut of Emotional imbalance – your personal sense of Hell using either Alcohol, Smoking or Vaping, Substance abuse or Comfort Eating to fill that sense of emptiness, that void, just punishing yourself over and over again! No More!

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White Powder

Rid the old programme and find this new programme ACT of 6

ACTION – & be Accountable to Yourself;
COMMIT – to the Change within You;
TRANSFORM & Trust Yourself, You know more than you think you do!

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HCCH offers the full 6 step process in coaching and using clinical hypnotherapy and other skills and includes:

  1. Initial process – completion of online intake form;

  2. Consultation online

  3. Homework

  4. Session of therapy online – Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Time Line, Havening etc

  5. Homework – Commit to using the daily recording, commitment and journaling to evidence it.

  6. Review process – Trusting in yourself & Feedback to HCCH

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Whiskey With Ice

"YOU were born to Win, but to be a Winner, YOU must Plan to Win, Prepare to Win, and Expect to Win."

Zig Ziglar

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