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Blue Tansy, The Oil of Inspired Action

Blue Tansy, The Oil of Inspired Action

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Blue Tansy supports those who resist taking action to change or transform their circumstances, especially helpful when individuals have become stagnant in their progression. It encourages the user to live in the alignment with the whisperings of their inner voice, promoting them to make necessary changes.  Blue Tansy invites individuals to take the initiative to reclaim the life they dream of, manifesting their passion into action. 

Top Uses

  • Aromatic influence: Inhaling from bottle or diffusing Blue Tansy is uplifting, refreshing and calming to a troubled mind. It will help to instill confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and apply behind the ears, on wrists, over solar plexus (upper stomach) or on bottom of feet.
  • Properties of this Oil – Monoterpenes like Sabinene make Blue Tansy an uplifting oil to conquer procrastination and take inspired action.  
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